Welcome to Warhammer 40,000 RPG: Wrath & Glory.

Warhammer 40,000 is Games Workshop’s grim painting of the sinister future of  41st millennium and arguably one of the most popular science fiction universes ever. Prepare yourself for a galaxy plagued by the star-sprawling dark gods’ intricacies. You will defend the last bastions of civilization against a rising tide of corruption. You will explore ancient ruins of long-gone peoples. You will discover lost secrets and underhanded machinations.

Wrath & Glory – Warhammer 40.000

The galaxy is on the brink of madness and forgetfulness. The Great Rift, a warp storm of unprecedented proportions, has torn the galaxy in half. The empire of humanity, uninterrupted for ten millennia, is at its darkest hour, for the forces of chaos, the armies of alien extraterrestrials, and the corrupting hordes of traitors are plunging upon humanity like aa pests on a carcass.

The world of Wrath & Glory

Nearly 40,000 years in the future, humanity has spread across the stars. But the promise of progress is forgotten and darkness surrounds the empire of humanity. The Emperor is little more than a withering corpse and the human masses are ruled by despair and superstition. Predatory xenos and heretics of chaos lurk everywhere.

But mankind is not without protection: the countless soldiers of the Astra Militarum, the superhuman Space Marines and the secret orders of the Inquisition are desperately fighting against the invaders from within, from outside and from the hereafter. They are fighting for the breath of hope, a flickering promise that this millennium can still last. Whole worlds and star systems may fall, but the struggle for survival and the soul of humanity is not yet lost. What will you fight for? What will you sacrifice?

The Rules

Wrath & Glory uses an easy-to-learn control system based on pools of six-sided dice. Its innovative and versatile mechanisms are great for role-playing newcomers as well as veterans alike and also provide a strong narrative focus to bring the 41st millennium to life in all its gothic and sinister splendor.

Whenever characters deal with their countless enemies and other terrible challenges, pools of six-sided dice are thrown to decide on success or failure. Here, results of 4 and 5 are referred to as “icons”, 6en are considered “sublime icons”, which are worth 2 icons. If you get enough icons to reach the difficulty of the job, the test is successful.

One of the dice in the pool is always the so-called “wrath cube”, which adds narrative elements to the result: If it shows a 6, the plot has positive side effects, if it shows a 1, complications occur. Both of these results can have both narrative and mechanical effects, but in any case they enrich the current scene and the gaming experience of all involved.

In combat, for example, this can lead to unexpected events: you fired your bolter at a vile chaos cultist and rolled a complication? Well, you probably struck down the opponent, but unfortunately your bullet hit the promethium tank behind as well, and now half of the ship’s corridor is on fire! A new strategy must be …

In addition, tests with particularly good results can be used to further enhance the effect: any excess sublime icon can be “transformed”: either to get more information, to improve the quality of the attempted action, or to advance faster or in combat to cause greater damage. You see – every single dice roll has a lot to discover!

This is the foundation of all the mechanisms in the game, whether it’s social interaction, man-to-man combat (or mutant / monster / xenos / demon), use of psychic power or space combat. Right, you read that right: The basic rules let you portray the bloody scuffle as well as battles between titanic spaceships in the cold emptiness of space. And of all the gruesome critical hits, the disturbing events of the dangers of the warp and the vile mutations that threaten the impure and careless, we have not even started!

Wrath & Glory is filled with the temptation of the unknown, the battle roar of heroic warriors and the laughter of dark gods – do you dare to oppose the horrors of the 41st millennium?

WH40K Wrath & Glory Starterset

The Wrath & Glory Starterset is your portal to the adventures of the universe of Warhammer 40,000!
These will be your first steps into the darkness of the distant future, where you can experience exciting stories with your imagination alone.

In this box, you’ll find the rules you’ll need and everything else you’ll need to play brave characters facing terrible threats between the blood-soaked stars of the 41st millennium.

The adventure starts here!
Use this starter set to start your journey!

Content of this game box:

  • Adventure book with hints for new players and game masters
  • Entry-level booklet with everything you need to get starter
  • 6 pre-made characters, each with a Deluxe Character Sheet and a summary of his backstory
  • 10 dice
  • Two double-sided battlemaps
  • Acrylic Blips to portray the characters, enemies, and other creatures of the adventure